Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's already Thursday! And in Lilli-land that means it's probably time for her to come down with something just in time for the weekend! She's doing better with the ear infection, although last night was another bad night. We were up pretty much from 2:30-4 with her. She woke up upset and we had to trade off a few times rocking her before we were able to put her down successfully. Going back to bed at 4 isn't that awesome when the alarm goes off at 5. Ugh. She was in a GREAT mood at dinner tonight and afterwards, and so far so good on her sleeping tonight. So hopefully tonight will be back to normal and we can have a nice germ-free weekend!

Brent's made a ton of fun of me because we've literally had shipments from every day this week. And every day we get MORE than 1 box from them - but I'm telling you if it weren't for online shopping I would have no shopping done so far this year! Everything I've done has been online, from a catalog or from Lifeway (it's pretty convenient!! and a smart decision for me!) Hopefully this weekend we can hit the stores for a few small, last minute things.

One day last weekend she discovered toilet paper on a roll. It was good times....
I was nice enough to tell her she had something on her shoe before she left the bathroom.
We also put a little fake tree in her room last week. She really doesn't pay much attention to it, the real one is much shinier and more exciting! We just put one string of lights and a few felt ornaments she can pull off. Tonight she was pulling them off and then trying to put them back on. That day she was actually wearing one of her Christmas onesies - it says "Naughty or Nice - Decisions, Decisions"
She likes to play with her sunglasses and as all things related to Lilli randomly get transported from one room to another as she totters around the house, they ended up with her at the dining room table. She was cracking herself up while eating dinner that night! It looks like it was peas - her favorite!

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