Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We had our first Christmas activities - including a few encounters with Santa - last weekend!

Friday night Lilli was **supposed** to be in her school's Christmas pageant as a camel. On Friday while I was in a meeting, they called and eventually got Brent saying she had a 101 fever. The day before they had said she had a low 99, which I would believe since she is growing tooth #4 and has been pretty fussy from it (off and on) for a couple of weeks now. So, Brent left work, picked her up, and since she was sent home she was no longer eligible to be in the play (the 24 hour rule). Of course she never had a fever over 99 the entire rest of they day, so over the weekend we bought them a rectal thermometer to use because if they are going to be sending her home (this is now the 2nd time in 2 weeks) I would like for her to actually be sick and truly have a fever. She was fine and she and Brent played the rest of the afternoon and when I got home from work we went out for Mexican food and to pick out our Christmas tree for the season.
This year we got our tree at ArtHouse Gardens, the neighborhood gardens just a couple of blocks from our house. The owner does a ton for the neighborhood and we prefer to buy locally. He was there and was super friendly helping us pick out our tree (Brent always wants a puny Charlie Brown tree & I always want a tree fitting for Rockefeller Center, so it takes a while to meet in the middle). I think we got an awesome 9-10 footer that looks great in our living room!!
The tree's first glimpse of its new home! So nice of Brent to have a car with the proper colors of the season!
While Lilli wasn't truly "sick", she has had another cold. Friday night she had so much drainage that she literally woke up every hour coughing, which made her upset and all of us exhausted. And we had stayed up until about midnight decorating the tree - and that's right around when her coughing fits started, so we didn't get a lot of sleep accomplished that night! We all did "sleep in" until around 9 though, so that helped some. We were planning to go to Breakfast with Santa at our church, so when we got up we made sure she felt good & had no fever, and then loaded up to go. We got there around 10 and they served breakfast until 10:30 so we were able to enjoy some pancakes and such and then go get in line for the pics after the bulk of the crowd had already passed through. This is about the most excited she ever got about Santa:
I'm pretty sure I was the only parent there who didn't have their kid decked out in massive amounts of red and green, but that's just not our style. In the future I prob won't do pink since it does clash with all of Santa's red, but if I ever have her in some overdone Santa dress please shoot me. So, we waited in line for a while (actually Brent waited while Lilli and I did some laps) and finally it was our turn for her very first encounter with SANTA! And she could've cared less. She wasn't interested in looking at him or the camera, and for some reason we were pretty much being rushed. (Sort of one of those situations where you've been waiting forever to see the doctor and then when you do see him he only wants to see you for 5 seconds and you wonder what took so long in the first place if this is the attention everyone got.) So yeah, kind of a bust. She was looking all over the place and for one brief second she looked up at Santa and that wasn't captured at all.

Here's the official photographer picture.
Um, yeah. I've had tons of people tell me I should be happy she didn't scream her head off, but at least that would've been a reaction! And I'm not loving all of Santa's fake hair. We'll probably skip this Santa encounter next year until she's old enough to enjoy the other games and activities, because Santa wasn't all that. Here's Brent's best pic:

But that wasn't our only Santa encounter of the day! Pics to come from Santa #2 later!

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