Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Verse, Same as the First

I'm starting to think Lilli has a thing about Fridays, since for the 3rd Friday in 4 weeks she's been sent home from school sick. I'm thinking next Thursday we just tell her it's Monday or Wednesday or something. Perhaps the excitement of the weekend is too much for her to bear???

I'm pretty sure she's been constantly sick about 90% of the time since Halloween Pukefest 09. That virus lasted about a week, then the week of Thanksgiving she came down with a cold that we all shared, and then she started another cold at the end of last week, this time with bonus cough! We took her to the pediatrician Sunday afternoon just to be certain it wasn't something more severe.

In our rush to make their Sunday afternoon hours we totally forgot a blanket for her, luckily we had her coat with us so she was styling in the room. Dr Rauth said her lungs sounded good, no ear infection, and nothing more just than a rough cold. She said we could give her small doses of Robitussin to help us all sleep. The rest of this week she's been about the same - a lot more tired, going to bed anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half early, not really hungry, and just generally more sensitive.

This morning she just looked like she might not feel good, and I was only at work about an hour and a half (which is 8 am start time for most people!) and they called me to say she had a 103 fever and wasn't feeling well. When I picked her up she was all curled up on Mrs Barb and was blazing hot. She was also having a harder time breathing, just deep breaths like a severely overweight person might sound. At home her temp was 102.5 and she was just so lethargic and cuddly, totally unlike her normal self! Dr Rauth was totally booked today but she was concerned about the breathing so they got us in. They did an RSV test and flu test, both were negative. Her ears were also fine. Those tests take forever to analyze, so even though they were very quick to see us we were at the doctor's office about an hour and a half. While we were there the ibuprofin really kicked in and her temp went down to 99.7 and by the time we left she didn't even feel warm. And she was starting to get her groove back and figured out it makes awesome sounds when she bangs her rattle against the wall, and the table is so fun to walk across. So, at her age there's nothing they could give us, which totally stinks. We're pretty much tired of her looking like this:

The runny nose, flushed cheeks, food and snot smeared all over your face, banged up head look is pretty popular these days. I personally sport dried snot on most everything I wear, I hear it's the hottest trend in career wear! (This is from last Sunday, and when presented with a wide assortment of stickers at the pediatrician she chose Thomas the Train. Today she picked Elmo. She's just not into the Princesses yet!)

And when she's in top form, we also add in the sweaty, frizzed up hair look! Does Burt's Bees make any anti-frizz products????
So it seems like it's going to be another great weekend here!!! She's been napping solidly ever since we got home and I think I may do the same!

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  1. AC had her first cold last week and she has looked like that every since - all kinds of snotty cuteness! Hope she feels better soon!