Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yeah, today = not the best day. We were pretty much up all night in shifts from about 2:30 am on. She'd be asleep, start coughing, wake herself up, and want to be held. If she was asleep on one of us then she wouldn't end up coughing, so we ended up being the preferred crib for her. I think we slept from about 5:30 to 6:30, but that's pretty questionable. Around 7:30 we finally just got up with her for the day, and then we all got a short nap from 9:30 to 10:30. She was pretty fussy and short tempered most of the day, still not really wanting to eat, but most of the congestion seems to be gone. She took a good afternoon nap, but didn't really wake up from it in the best of moods. I'd say if Armageddon was a mood that's where she's been today. Then she took a fitful nap around 5, woke up even fouler at 6, and took another nap until 7 - after which she woke up delightfully happy and ready to play. Huh??? If someone keeps swapping our baby out with a clone while we're not looking I'd like that one. We're wondering if she may have an ear infection now. Depending on how tonight goes (and we're not feeling too optimistic as Brent is currently having the joy of trying to sleep wrangle a now completely wide awake Lilli) another trip to the pediatrician is probably in order for tomorrow just to rule that out. (She checked her on Friday and her ears were perfect, but she told me to watch for it as it's very common with the amount of drainage Lilli has had.) Maybe if we take Dr Rauth a fruitcake she'll prescribe one of everything just to keep us away a few days.

Pippin = about the only thing that makes her happy.
Here she is getting excited to see him outside her door. You can see his eyes shining with the flash.Playing with the big Christmas tree.

Here's hoping for a Silent Night!

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