Friday, December 18, 2009

Returning To Normal....

Last night Lilli slept through the night with no ear infection/cold/cough waking! Woo hoo!!! After a solid week of being up anywhere from 30 minutes to FIVE HOURS with her it was WONDERFUL. I wouldn't say we're all caught up on sleep now, but it was definitely a nice start. She's always been SUCH a great sleeper, and although we've never taken it for granted we are even more thankful for it now.

She's also getting back to her cheery self!
This one of Lilli and Pippin cracks me up - she saw the camera and got all excited where-as he knew to pose for the picture. Every once in a while I'm reminded how trained he is for **certain** things.
She's also quite interested in the big present under the tree to me. She's gotten the bow off and some of the paper, unfortunately Brent thought ahead and wrapped it several times deep in thick paper (the paper they use to print books at Ingram). I promise I tell her to stop when she's trying to unwrap it but you know how these kids just don't listen!We did some Christmas shopping tonight and it was so funny seeing her toddle around the stores! Just this little short person walking around the aisles like she knows what she's doing. We ate out at Cracker Barrel and with her being so sick lately it felt like ages since we'd eaten out, but she did great (as she does in 95% of restaurant situations) and got lots of attention while we shopped. Hopefully tomorrow we can hit Target and be done with all our shopping and start wrapping everything. And hopefully she and I can get to baking - I've had a TON of requests for my stuffed Snickers cookies!

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