Monday, December 14, 2009

Third Time's the Charm???

So after another terrible, rotten, no-good night with Lilli (she was up until 10, then up from 1:30-3 and then back up screaming from 5:30-7) she got her 3rd visit with her pediatrician in 8 days. Brent stayed home with her today since Mondays for me right now in our peak selling season can be pretty crazy. They saw one of the other docs in the practice because Dr R is off on Mondays. And drumroll.....she has an ear infection in her right ear, which we sort of suspected. He gave us a prescription for some antibiotics so that her face won't stick like this:
Here she is telling Brent she's got her blankie and she's ready to go get some meds and feel better!
I left work a little early around 2:45 to get the prescription, which of course sounds easy but our awful neighborhood ghetto Kroger is always anything but easy. So, it was around 4 before I got home and we could give her her first dose. She was in a great mood tonight and initially went to bed fairly easily around her usual 8:15 but has already woken up once coughing and wasn't too chill about it. Hopefully tonight will be a much better night and we can all go back to our normal routines tomorrow!!! Mrs Donna called tonight to see if her sweet Lilli will be back to join the class tomorrow! I don't know if she will be "sweet Lilli" but we do hope she'll be feeling better in the morning!

This pair of PJs cracks me up - it looks like a little fleece Elvis jumpsuit, especially with that stance. Pay no attention to the crazy looking lady with no hair and makeup, I bet she is really sleep deprived and exhausted. And the headless dog is a little sleepy, too.
Here's big dreams for a Silent Night!!!

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