Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

Saturday morning we headed over to Germantown for its annual Oktoberfest. The last couple of years we've been gone on vacation during it, so we were glad to finally be able to go back. We meant to get there earlier than we did, but the painters (surprisingly) showed up to do some work on Saturday. Supposedly they should be completely done here on Friday.We walked around a little while before we met Adam, Julia, and Ella. The accordion man was a big hit with the kids. She had also insisted on wearing her backpack, which happened to be loaded down with her princesses.
It was so much hotter than I anticipated! She actually got a little burned. After we met our friends we got some German food from the Monells booth and luckily snagged a table. While we were there we ran into a ton of people we know from past and present jobs and just other local friends and neighbors. It was PACKED with people. Normally we're there earlier in the morning for the race so it's not normally quite as crowded.
I think Ella is giving her the "why don't you share that lemonade" stank eye.
We didn't get to stay nearly as long as we would've liked because Lilli had a friend's birthday party to go to later that afternoon. It didn't feel like we were there any time at all, but really should have left earlier because Princess only got an hour nap and was in one foul mood when we woke her up. On the way out we saw our old buddy the "monkey man" (2009 and 2011). She wasn't happy about not getting to stay and watch him, and was even less happy when we didn't get to stop at the Kids Zone.
On a side note, she got this red balloon at the Nashville Ghost Tour booth. It's going to appear in a LOT of pictures going forward!!!

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