Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Laoise!

Saturday afternoon we went to Laoise's birthday party (pronounced Lishia, her family is Celtic). She's one of Lilli's BFFs in her class at school. She had been talking about the party all week and was SO excited to go and celebrate her friend. They live just a few blocks from us, most of the kids in her class live in East Nashville.

They have a gorgeous old home as well, and the party started with a "clown" of sorts leading the kids in some games and songs in the backyard. In this game they all worked together to flap the sheet up and down and one kid at a time would run underneath. Lilli is on the right side, the middle girl.
Then she did some face painting. Lilli lost attention in that before she ever got a turn, and most of the kids ended up playing inside with Laoise's toys, and out in the yard in her sandbox, and just generally running wild! We got to meet several of the other parents of kiddos in her class, and get to know them better which was really since she's only been at this school since July and there really hasn't been any parent events yet.
The birthday girl blowing out her candle. I was just proud Lilli didn't throw a fit to blow one out too, it's always someone else's birthday AND her birthday. She has about 365 birthdays a year.
The party was from 3-5, so afterwards we stopped at Rosepepper to have a light dinner. We were seated and finally sorted out who sat where when Brent told me Loretta Lynn was sitting right behind me!
Here is zoomed in, with her just over my shoulder. She's definitely looking older, but it was for sure her, and the group with her was obviously there to "entertain" her. There's always famous people trying to be hip in our neighborhood, we just rarely see them!
Later that night at home the inevitable finally happened, the free balloon she had gotten at Oktoberfest got loose and ended waaaay up on her ceiling. She suggested we call Painter-Man and tell him to bring his ladders over and get the balloon down. And THAT is an indication of how long they have been here....which is going on about 7 weeks now. Really all they need is one more day and they should be done, it's just getting them to WORK which seems difficult. We've both agreed that when they work they do a great job, it's just their desire to actually work that seems very lacking.

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