Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday was my birthday. Nothing beats a Saturday birthday because you get to celebrate all weekend long! The best present came first, we all slept until a little after 8:30. Refreshing! I wouldn't trade my great sleeper for anything. I had already requested Sky Blue for breakfast so we got dressed and headed over. I ordered my fave, the stuffed french toast pancakes with bananas and Nutella. Lilli wanted pancakes and bacon.She ate a ton of her pancakes and had a grand time dipping them in syrup. She was a sticky mess. Brent had some sort of breakfast sandwich. They have a hodge podge of mugs, and his coffee mug was a hilarious one - a white kitten laying in a bunch of roses.
Then we came home and opened presents. Lilli had picked out a rubber ducky dressed up like a cat for Halloween for me, and this witch. She gives the best presents!!! Brent got me a few things for the house and garden and had booked me a massage for that afternoon (which is what I had asked for). It doesn't get better than that! It's been way too long since I've been in for a massage and she told me I was incredibly tense (not a surprise). She worked out a ton of knots and I'm still a little sore but in a really good way. That's something I've got to find a way to start fitting back into my schedule.
I knew I'd have competition for blowing out my candles. I think this may mean I only get half a wish this year.
My little cake bandit.

Later that evening we went to eat burritos and do some shopping at Target. She was looking extra sporty in her HavenBaby top and jeggings, with some sporty Stride Rites. I think she was pretty impressed with her look.
Afterwards we went to the bookstore and Lilli never made it past the Halloween books. She's suddenly changed what she wants to be for Halloween, so we're having to do a 360 on our costumes for this year. We now have three costumes for her (still with tags on) in case she should change again. We do have a couple for Pippin too, since dog outfits sell out fast and we like them to coordinate.
Happy Monday!

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