Sunday, October 2, 2011

What We've Been Up To

We had a great weekend and I had a great birthday yesterday! I got everything I had asked for (it was a pretty long list of just one thing....) but what more can you ask for than that?? I'm too old and lazy to go through those pics tonight, so maybe tomorrow.

The latest craze around our house - dumping this bizarre work sample on each other's faces. It's going to be a long winter. Note, this game was played once and only once with Pippin who then tried to eat the little foam peanuts.The before of our latest patio! It's all finished now and looks great! Coat one of paint is on the house now and Blogger wasn't happy with me and uploading pics tonight so I'll just wait on them for later.
I adore these new pirate pajamas I ordered when Gymboree had a great sale a couple of weeks ago.
Pirate face - "aargh!!" Her music class has done some pirate songs in September.
Her new best friend, a Buzz that makes all the noise and sounds. I got it for a total steal at a consignment sale last week. Consignment season is all over now, I think I hit up 7 sales this fall. I got quite a few good finds but nothing too amazing. Fall clothes just aren't as fun as summer ones.
Lilli likes to decorate all the cards we send out lately. She's very insistent on what she wants them to say. For Bruce's card she wanted me to write "Happy Birthday Tiger" on it numerous times. Luckily some stickers covered it up somewhat, although it's still incredibly strange to write that on your brother's birthday card.
Happy Sunday night!

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