Monday, October 17, 2011

Decking the Halls

Last weekend we also got our "halls" decked for Halloween.

The Perry's cats have become our cats now....we just couldn't let them starve so we started feeding them and now this one is really friendly. The white one appears to have disappeared - she either came back for it, or something happened to it. The last time Brent saw it, it was in a cat fight with another cat rolling down the hill beside our house. We're still discussing a name for this one, Lilli either wants to name it "Black" or "Roses". It runs out when it sees us now and lets me and Lilli pet it to our hearts desire. Brent is coming around to the idea we have a cat now. I guess the next bag of food I buy it won't be the cheapest stuff, but it's still not going to get the organic, all natural type food Pippin gets! My assistant was all about getting her Halloween dress on and getting the yard decorations out. Scrooge won't let me staple decorations to the porch like I normally do, so the fence and shrubs will have to do!
Can you tell which side Lilli did???

This is the first year my lights and garland have stretched the whole fence, front and side! Every year I buy a little more after the holiday is over, and last year I finally ended up with enough for the whole yard!
We always have so many people stop and tell us how great it all looks, and I'm sure the kids at the school enjoy it. Lilli loves getting them all turned on at night. I've got to get a night shot before we take them down!
The red was snuck into bed a lot last week!!!

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