Saturday, October 8, 2011


Just a few pics from last Sunday, before it's time for more Sunday pics. It cracks me up to ask her what she learned about in Children's Church/Sunday School. I always end up asking her when I'm taking her to the potty. Last Sunday she told me in Children's Church that in the puppet show Big Bird was sad because his Mommy was crawling on the ground. We happened to run into the guy that runs it and he said the story was about Big Bird helping Clarabelle because she had fallen down. At least she's getting close...
Her Noah's ark study in Sunday School rang in a bit more, probably because we have tons of Noah's ark books and things here at home as a result of TONS of work samples. She was excited she got to put the tiger in the ark.
The shoes are where we normally give up the battle and let her win. That would explain why she wore sequin flip flops with a pink and brown tweed dress.
The chocolate cake stains were added later.
We had a great day today at Oktoberfest with friends and then going to the Tinkerbell birthday party for one of her best friends at school. We got to meet several of the parents in her class. It's always so nice to hang out with other professional moms.
And how did we cap that off? Oh yeah - having dinner at a little restaurant in our neighborhood where the one and only Loretta Lynn was sitting behind us. Pictures of all that to come!

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