Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forbidden Love

Pippin has been in love with the cats Mrs Perry was feeding all summer. On Sunday while we were working in the yard during Lilli's nap Pippin was camped out in the yard by the fence.Romeo and Juliet.....The two of them sat like that for about thirty minutes, bizarre. Just an 8 foot privacy fence separating their forbidden love.
Sadly, the Perrys moved out last weekend. They finally sold their house. We're glad they're out of the financial burden and that Mark has a smaller place near them he can afford on their own and that the Perrys can go back to their home (they said they had not slept in their own house for 3 years...) but we'll miss them as neighbors. From what they told us a couple with three young girls, one about Lilli's age and one younger, are moving in. He's a singer/songwriter, but hopefully with young kids he won't be making a ton of noise late at night in the studio. We also Googled him and apparently he's a local political writer, and an "up and coming" right wing political enthusiast. And a Yale grad. Fancy!
I had a good helper earlier this week getting all my fall mums and pansies planted. Our deck should be stained early next week so my flowers are going to look so pretty on it! The house painting is nearly finished and looking great. They should be totally done by the end of next week, weather permitting.
She's also really into coins right now. She loves putting coins in the little cans/collections at all the cash registers. It's a great way for me to lose some of the change in my person and also for teaching her about helping others.
So glad tomorrow is Friday! We've got Oktoberfest plans and also a Tinkerbell birthday party for one of her best little buddies!

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