Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vacation Day 8: Back to Nashvegas

I think our plane left around 11 am, so we basically got up, ate some breakfast and headed to return the car and get all checked in. That doesn't really sound like an early morning, but considering we'd been sleeping until 9 and later, setting the alarm was pretty painful. But we were all ready to get home and have our own space again. The night before Lilli had actually said she was ready to go home.

We didn't end up doing much souvenir shopping so let Lil pick out this crab in the airport. We like for her to have something that reflects the trip. Her outfit (Lucky Brand shirt and jeggings) had the TSA agents in stitches. They were having her model and show it off. As a result she and I never got searched or had to go through the newer X-ray machines. Go jeggings!I think there's a vortex of rain over the Baltimore airport. It was pouring when we left so the flights were delayed about 15 minutes. But at least this time we only had to get on one plane! On a side note, we had one of the Southwest "classic" gold planes which Lilli did not want! She wanted a blue one like her Southwest toy plane. We were able to get her her set of wings on this flight, the stewardesses were so much nicer. We have a set of wings for her from each of her flying vacations.
The airplane potty. I knew they were taking a while....

We landed, picked up our Pippin, grabbed some McDs and headed HOME. It was so good to be back. After lunch Lilli crashed for her nap, but not before sneaking out of her bed and pretty much loading it back up with all the toys she had obviously missed.
We accomplished (most) everything we wanted to on vacation, and most of all Lilli got to see her sharks, dolphins, and ocean and ride an airplane. Mission accomplished!

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