Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vacation Day 4: The Beach

After we left the zoo we headed out of town and towards the beach! Ocean City was about a 2.5 hour drive from Baltimore. The way Maryland is shaped there's not a great, direct route to the ocean, so you sort of have to go up and around. We ended up going through Delaware and that gave Lilli state #11! She was super thrilled about it.We made it to our hotel around 6 and these girlies were super excited about getting changed and heading down to the ocean.

She had already found the princess swimsuit I'd gotten on clearance at Target, so of course she had to wear that one first!
Brent got a ton of great pictures of us playing, too many to really go through. She was so excited about the sand, and sea, and shells. The hurricane had washed a ton of shells up on the beach.

Sweet little feet....Brent got a ton of "framers". This was the only time we ended up really taking many pictures on the beach so I'm glad he got some good ones of us Tuesday night.
After we played at the beach for a while we went out to a really good diner for dinner and picked up a few groceries for our breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week.

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