Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation Day 2: Hurricane Photo Opps

Hurricane Irene ended up slowing down so much that the wind really didn't start picking up until we went to bed. The strongest wind and rain didn't end up coming through until about 1 am. I woke up around 1 to the sound of the wind whaling outside and got up to check and see what was going on. The rain and wind were really strong, and even though we were on the third floor of an interior corridor hotel the carpet near the window was wet as the rain somehow seeped through the building. I went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until around 8 am when Lilli started waking up.Brent, on the other hand, woke up several times between 1-3 and checked on the weather. He said the power flickered and went off a few times. I still can't believe he never took any pictures or video! We had packed all our rain boots, coats and gear so we didn't want that luggage space to go to waste so Brent took Lilli out to the parking lot to splash in puddles, burn off some hurricane energy and take a few pictures.
There was a lot of foliage all over the parking lot, but no major damage. Our hotel had no hot water that morning though, which made for a COLD hairwash for me. Lilli found this big branch and wanted to bring it back to the room for me, HA! She did collect leaves for Brent, Pippin, myself and Stephanie (her babysitter when we go out).
It was WINDY that morning. VERY windy.
Not a good hair day!

I love this one of her walking back to the room, owning the Hilton! There was a front desk clerk there that just loved her. Lilli and Brent had gone on several walks to burn off some energy so they had gotten to know the staff.
Heading out, I don't know why I bothered to do my hair!
We had to rearrange our plans, quite a few things had already closed in anticipation of the storm and many other things closed after the storm came through. Most traffic lights that morning were out, and even the McDs Brent grabbed our breakfast from couldn't take credit cards. We saw quite a few trees down across town. Luckily the National Aquarium was open so we headed downtown to spend the day there.
Most every business downtown had a ton of sandbags prepared for any flooding. Luckily we didn't see any flooding or other damage downtown.
Up next, our Aquarium adventures! We've got a fun weekend planned, including going to the wedding Sat night for our "little sis" Katie! She's having an outdoor wedding so I'm hoping lots of sun comes out tomorrow to dry everything out a bit. That would also really help our exterior painters get back to work, too!

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