Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vacation Day 7: Back to Balty

We slept in so late every morning we ended up not having time to head down to the beach before checkout from our hotel Friday morning. And since Lilli likes to pretty much roll in the sand, we really wouldn't have been able to clean her up anywhere if we went ahead and hung around after checking out. We did have a fantastic view from the balcony of our room.....We drove back the 2.5 hours to Baltimore and checked into our fantastic room at the Doubletree by the airport. We're Hilton rewards members so you get on the top floor, with only other Hilton members. We got there in mid-afternoon, so it was a little late to really do anything and there's not much around the airport to do. We did have an outdoor pool, so Lilli and Brent suited up.
The pool was a bit....chilly. Lilli didn't mind. It was pretty cloudy and overcast and that water was COLD.
The poor girl's lips were literally blue when they got out, ha!! But it did get us out of the room for a bit, otherwise we were just hanging around the room enjoying cable and cartoons!
Strangely enough there was a lifeguard on duty. I've never seen that at a hotel and what a boring job - we were the only people there since it really wasn't a good pool afternoon. But I guess he could've come in handy from keeping me from having to jump in if Brent and Lilli seized up with hypothermia!

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