Monday, September 5, 2011

Home, Home

Well, we're home from Vacation 2011. Lilli had a blast on our vacation and she even had her very first summer beach romance. This little boy was about 3 months older than her and they were literally exactly the same size, which is so funny considering she's in the 15th percentile for everything. They played and ran and slid all around in the sand and had the best time. We even asked her about him tonight and she got all smiley talking about him. He's from Baltimore, so I don't think they will ever have any future playdates. His family still didn't have power all week, so they headed to the beach instead.

Speaking of Hurricanes, we're really getting jipped on them. We had Irene in Baltimore and now Lee has been bringing the rain ever since we got home. While we were gone the painters started scraping our house and replacing boards, but it looks like a few more days of rain will probably keep them away. We also had our credit card hacked while we were gone, so our Discover was shut down on the third day of vacation. And on the second day of vacation the painters set off our home alarm so our house was "unprotected" basically the whole time we were gone. We could use some good luck around here, soon.

I guess now it's back to reality. I'm already trying to convince Brent that instead of throwing Lilli a birthday party in January we could use that same money to go somewhere fabulous, like St Croix instead. So far he's not biting but I've got a while to work on him! I think Lilli would do great with a 7 hour plane ride!

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