Monday, September 12, 2011

Vacation Day 2: Dinner at Fells Point

After resting in the room for a little (we took naps while Lilli watched cartoons), we walked down to Fells Point for dinner. Our hotel was in a great spot right in the center of the Inner Harbor, so it was easy walking distance to anything downtown.The seafood restaurant our hotel recommended was right on the water. It was very busy so we weren't able to get a table outdoors, but we did still have a nice window view.
Fells Point is a very cool old neighborhood, even a bit older than the one we live in since the Star Spangled Banner was written nearby. It has fantastic old buildings and cobblestone streets. It's full of cute and trendy shops and restaurants (and did actually remind me a lot of East Nashville, just much busier than our neighborhood. Fortunately most of Nashville's suburbanites don't know what they're missing down here. )
Our dinner was pretty good. Overall I wasn't that impressed with the seafood variety in Baltimore. I'm not a huge lover of crab, and that's pretty much the main and only seafood they push. I wish they had had more fish options. I was much more impressed with the fantastic gelato shop we found on the walk back to our room.
For this trip we booked rooms with a sleeper sofa for Lilli. It was SO nice not having to lug the pack n play to the airport this time. She thought she was big stuff, and managed to only fall out twice the entire vacation.

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