Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Since We've Been Back....

Thank goodness vacation posts are done. Those things tend to take forever! We were glad to be home, and glad Lilli had a great trip and got her to-do's accomplished. We landed just a few hours before Tropical Storm Lee started coming through Tennessee. We've had our fill of tropical depressions. It rained basically all of Labor Day weekend, and we didn't leave the house much. Luckily piles of laundry and unpacking kept us busy once we were back.

We did run out to Target on Labor Day. Lilli was SO great the whole trip we let her pick out one toy, whatever she wanted. She really only came home with two small souvenirs because we didn't end up doing much shopping. After going through about a million different things she ended up picking this little princess tea party set. She's into EVERYTHING princess right now. Currently Ariel is her favorite.She also wanted this princess suitcase. Her rolling suitcase got messed up on the plane, so we did buy this but ended up taking it back because the handle was already broken.
And no trip to Target is complete without a burrito. She can tear a burrito up.
Then it was back to the old routine. Lilli was actually really excited to get back to school to her teachers and friends. Right now she has the cutest little friendship with "K". The two of them are completely inseparable and are tied at the hip. They're always together when I pick them up, and Ms Maggie and Ms Jess have said they play together all day. Lilli has always had lots of friends at school and gotten along well with all sorts of kids, but these two are the type of friends that end up being in each other's weddings 20 years from now.
Here they are bouncing on balls in the atrium one afternoon. The other little girl on the left is the third part of their party - a really good friend but not a "best" friend. It's so funny to hear her talk about her friends. She's also started talking about the boys a LOT more. Specifically a little boy named "B" who is the class announcer - when you come in in the afternoon he is the first to announce whose mom is there. Tonight Lilli talked about him a lot - that she played with him all day and they played cars and their cars went FAST!
Best buds - she missed old Pippin a lot while we were away. A few times she wanted to know where he was. He was vacationing here, at the doggie spa, running up quite the enormous bill.
The teenager look - I think we'll see "bored face" a lot over the coming years. This is her afternoon look - as soon as she gets home she relaxes on the couch with a blanket and watches Toy Story while we get dinner ready.

Here's a video of the girls Brent took one afternoon - they are some big squealers!

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