Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation Day 3: Dragon Boats and Little Italy

After we finished up at the Children's Museum we had lunch at Phillips Seafood on the Harbor. The view was great and it was such a nice day outside. As we walked over there we saw the dragon paddle boats were out on the Harbor. Telling Lil we'd ride them after we ate was a great bribe! Of course Brent wasn't crazy about the $18 price tag, but I knew we would have so much fun and it actually ended up being the thing Lilli said she enjoyed the most about the whole vacation. Totally worth it right there!
She was a crack-up in her little life preserver. Her seat was right in the middle between the two of us.

She wanted to be the Captain, so we ( I mean, Brent) paddled us out in the middle and we mostly went in circles for half an hour.

She was very serious about her Captain-ing responsibilities.
All in all, it was totally worth the $18. And Brent got a lot of extra exercise driving us around.
After resting a little in the hotel we walked over to Little Italy. I really wanted fettuccine alfredo, so we ended up picking a restaurant that had that on their posted menu. Hands down, it was probably the worst Italian food we've ever had. We probably should have left when we saw only one other couple eating in there, and that they didn't have any sort of Kids Menu (but they did give us a side of spaghetti for Lilli for free.) In the nearly 16 years Brent and I have been together, I've only known him to send something back to the kitchen MAYBE once or twice - he sent his chicken Parmesan back that night, it was THAT bad. And the replacement he got wasn't any better, it looked completely inedible and probably was. My food was just ok, but we were so disappointed because Little Italys are usually some of our favorite parts of town to eat in.
The house Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner was nearby, so we walked past it.
We did find a great little Italian pasty shop on our walk back. We loaded up with a cookie for Lilli, and a cannoli and tiramasu for Brent and I. They were absolutely delicious!
If we ever find ourselves back in Little Italy in Baltimore again we're skipping dinner (or at least picking somewhere with a crowd....) and just heading in for dessert!

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