Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playground Posing

Being a good photographer and having a cute kid gets us (or rather Brent) a fair amount of photography requests from time to time. A friend of ours in grad school asked Brent to help him out with some pictures of Lilli playing on the playground for a paper he was doing on Childhood Obesity. Somehow we ended up so busy Memorial Day weekend that we never made it across the street to our little private playground. So Tuesday night after dinner, we put Lil in a cute sundress and headed over. Only problem - we were minutes away from a heavy spring downpour.

As they crossed the street, the storm seemed pretty far away and the thunder distant, but it was a fast mover and Lilli does NOT like storms. She didn't want to go to the playground and she was pretty preoccupied with all the wind and thunder.

Needless to say, Brent didn't get anything worth using. Unless the paper was going to be about children upset about their obese friends who won't play with them.The next day was sunny and perfect so while I was cooking they headed back and got much better results.
Always happy to be pushed in a swing for hours and hours and hours....
I'm not sure which one (or ones) he ended up using, but I was glad we were able to give him something decent to work with!! Actually, it was for our friend Josh - who came to visit us in Nashville last May and who we visited in Chicago in September 2010. Man, how Lilli has grown from both of those posts!! On a side note, I think we for sure need to go and visit them in Chicago this summer. It is our turn and all....
She amazes me with her strength and agility, for such a small fry. I really need to find her a little gymnastics class to get into.The balance beam....not for balancing - for JUMPING!So that's Lilli's contribution to academia for the week......

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  1. He is still working on the final project (it's due on Thursday) but he turned in a draft last week for peer review and he got SUCH great comments about the great images! I will make sure he sends you a copy of the final version. Thanks so much for helping him out!!!!

    And, of course we would LOVE a visit, but I know you guys have lots of states/places to see! :)