Monday, June 4, 2012

Princess and the Pea

A few times each summer we try to hit our neighborhood Y on a weeknight. They're open until 7, so we can eat quickly before hand or go straight there after work and have some good water play time without it being as crowded as it is on the weekend. That did not work out well one night last week. It was overcast and the water was chilly. Indoors they were having a large kids swim class and water aerobics, and the head water guy lost his mind and yelled at everyone who wasn't in one of those to get out of there. Very irritating since I pay a lot of money every month to use whatever pool I want to. We really don't like our neighborhood Y that much (which is why we go to a different one as much as possible).

Friday night we went to Opry Mills and ate dinner in the food court. Three different people wanting three different types of food - no problemo! Of course we had to do the carousel after we ate.....
And naturally the Disney store. I always let her pick out one new toy and we came away with a Rapunzel. I think we only have about 32 different Rapunzels now.
Rapunzel has already made the circuit, from tricycle rides around the house to church, she's seeing the town.
And we've got peas to harvest! Lilli (aka Princess Tiana - in the princess costume I found on a great clearance at the Disney Store) is very proud of her peas! She even wanted to eat one right off the vine so we cracked it open and snacked away.
I've already got tomatoes starting to turn red, lettuce going crazy, peppers starting to form and blackberries ripening up. And we pulled our kohlrabi last weekend, too! Taking the risk and planting the garden in March really paid off this year!!

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