Monday, June 18, 2012

Pickets & Generations

A couple of weeks ago we decided to spruce up our white picket fence that surrounds our front yard. It's probably 15-16 years old (which is nothing if you consider our house is probably about 130 years old) but it's seen better days and a lot of the board were cracked or rotting. As all projects go when we started singling out which boards to replace we decided the best route would probably be to replace the whole things, except for the posts which still are in good shape. The previous shape was a custom hand-done cut, so each one we replaced would have to be hand-cut, which would take a LOT longer than buying all new pickets. We counted them all up and came up with 194 pickets! We had no clue that many pickets surrounded the front yard of our corner lot.

Never fear, the trusty Vibe can easily hold 194 pickets (an entire pallet).
And a lot of crossbeams. As well as a carseat (unoccupied for this trip). Who needs a truck? Not us!New fence project is underway, slowly but surely around the random rain showers we've had the last week. All the rain is really making our garden grow! Lilli is always excited every day to look for red tomatoes and pick them. Sometime even a few green ones get picked....Last Sunday, June 10th, we had our Generation Celebration at church. Grandparents are invited to come to church with their grandchildren and have a special lunch. Brent designed the postcard mailed out to all the adults and both Lilli's sets of grandparents were able to come. The grandchildren are supposed to serve the parents and grandparents lunch, but being a little small I helped her take the orders and deliver the food to the table.
Then the program consisted of a long game of "Are you Smarter than your Grandchild?" Each kiddo got a turn so it took a while. The object at our table was to not have Lilli in your lap when it finally became her turn!Well, her Grandpa Spears was the "lucky" lap buddy when her name got drawn and he got to go up and answer a question (I've totally forgotten what it was now). Lilli got her question right (How old are you?) but I don't think Dan got his right. By this point all the easy ones were long gone.When the program was over the kiddos were supposed to give their grandparents the canvas they had painted in Sunday School the previous week. Lilli was a **little** protective of hers and wouldn't give them away.Lilli had a great time and asks where her grandparents are every time we go to church now. I think she's expecting them to change home congregations now that she realizes they can make it!

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