Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silly Geese

Like father, like daughter when it comes to making silly faces on the Iphone camera.....
At least they're having fun.....
Doing a little roller skating one night with the roller skates she got for her birthday from her grandparents...She loves to play in the reading center. One afternoon she and Amelia were reading books when we picked her up.I really need a decent watering can. I broke (cracked) my beautiful Le Creuset ceramic teapot using it as a watering can and Brent won't buy me a new one now. We use our tea kettle all the time, clearly. (Both as intended and in other ways as shown below...)Donuts made a great treat one night!We are loving summertime and as you can tell are spending pretty much all of it outdoors!

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  1. Stopping by from Jenna's blog! What a cute little girl! I feel like I can hear her giggles from those sweet pictures. Too cute.