Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well, a couple of days of being busy turned into a week and a half or so of the old blog being a bit lonely. We've just been really busy and I've had a bug the last few days and still am not feeling well. I even bought Fathers Day cards literally a month ago to have them out on time and for the life of me can't figure out where I stashed them. I'm sure they'll turn up this week!

For some reason a few Granddaddy Long-Legs love her playhouse. There's always 2-3 on it every single day.Driving to school.... (One day a week they have water play which is why it looks like she doesn't have clothes on....)
She can finally ride her "big" hand me down bike, but something is wrong with the back tire and it won't hold air for more than about 5 minutes so we're going to have to pick up a new little tire.
We took her to see the new Madagascar 3 movie the day it came out, a week ago. She loved it! It was so cute and had some pretty catchy songs we heard a lot of for a few days after the movie. She still doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat from folding up on her so we have to each keep a leg on her chair.
We didn't do a great job getting her picture with the movie poster. She was way more interested in looking at the poster herself and singing "Elbow Circus" (the song is really "Afro Circus".
Yup, that's as good as it got!
One night a friend surprised us with some Gigis cupcakes on our porch. If you're going to surprise us with something that's always an EXCELLENT choice!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a nice Father's Day!

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