Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching Up....

Two weeks ago we decided to do some updating to our front fence. We started pulling off the boards with cracks or holes, and the fence looked a little something like this for a few days:

That led to some decent ribbing from a coworker who lives around the block. When it came down to it, there were more boards bad than good and since the cuts were all going to be custom it was better just to re-do the whole thing. Probably even cheaper in the long run, and it will last longer. So Brent pulled off all the boards and luckily the posts are still in good shape. We're just doing the front section first and then the side section so the yard isn't totally "open". It feels very strange having the yard so open to the tons of dog walkers out each night. And we've definitely seen an increase in door-to-door salesmen.
It doesn't bother Pippin though. The back is his domain and he relaxes out on the deck most of the early morning and evenings.The same coworker I mentioned above invited us over for pizza Friday night a week and a half ago. Their little boy is just a couple of months older than Lilli so we knew they'd be good playmates. She and I made Jello Jigglers for the kiddos. She was SO proud and the two of them devoured that whole plate before we even noticed!! A huge hit I'll have to remember for other kid parties.The two of them had so much fun playing together. They have similar energy levels and played everything from dress up (this is her in his reggae hat and Dinosaur train slippers) to hide and seek, his toys and of course....
jumping....He's probably about her equal in the energy of jumping! They devised a game where the two of them jumped off the ottoman onto a giant bean bag chair. They could have done that forever.They will definitely be good playmates for the future and it's nice to have someone so close. We could've walked if it hadn't been pouring down rain that night. They also have a large bird (maybe a parrot) that talks and says all kinds of things and Lilli absolutely loved it and was talking about that bird for days.We had a great time and will definitely have to have them over soon so we can see what all we have in our house to jump off of!
Just a pic of the fam! One of very few we have of the 4 of us together! Hope you had a great Tuesday!

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  1. Stopping by from Jenna's! It is crazy the statement your fence makes for your cute house. So happy for you to have a new fence!