Monday, September 20, 2010

Chicago: Day 2, Part 3: Lake Michigan and Pizza!

Finally, the end of our 2nd day in Chicago!!

After the Nature Museum we walked down to the lakefront to enjoy the gorgeous day and dip our toes in the water.Lilli was NOT happy in the stroller and desperately wanted out and at the lake! I overheard one genius point out "That baby wants out of that stroller." I just love when people state the obvious, but a lot of times there's just nothing we can do about it.
She loved splashing around and kicking in the waves. She hasn't been to the ocean yet, so this is the first time she's been around waves and sand.
She wasn't totally sure about digging her toes around in it. She's such a neat freak that she doesn't like to be dirty, so the sand did get to her a little. (On a side note she loves to ask for treats for Pippin and then insists she washes her hands after she gives it to him. I have NO clue where that's coming from!)
She wasn't super nuts about the loose sand, either. She said it was Hot, and it was a warm day (I ended up getting sunburned on my neck and back), so it might have been a little warm on her feet.
For dinner we wanted to get authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. Pizzeria Uno had a massive line, so we went to Pizzeria Due (owned by the same people) one block over.
It did not go well.
Lilli was tired of being confined in a stroller and then a high chair and pretty much just was not happy being in there and WOW the service was slow. It wasn't super crowded but it took FOREVER to get our food and our waiter was pretty much terrible and hardly ever came over to check on us, or bring us our bill when we had a fussy toddler!!! But the pizza was pretty good.
On our walk back to the hotel we tried to stop at Bloomingdales but were denied, it had already closed.
Girls walking in the city.
Lilli was so tired she went to bed around 8:15 or 8:30 and Brent and I were asleep by 9 ourselves. The crazy life of vacationing with a toddler!!!

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