Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chicago: Day 3, Part 2 Grant Park

From the Field museum we started walking through Grant Park, and towards Buckingham Fountain. It was a great afternoon for a walk and Lilli was still asleep so we just enjoyed it!Strolling down some street in Chicago. I got this stroller for free from the Y using my Y Rewards points and I just love it!!! It definitely contains her better than our Peg Perego (hated that thing!) and it's nice and compact. We saw SO many nice, fancy strollers in Chicago and Brent was always saying under his breath "Can I tell you about my stroller? It was free...."
Right before we arrived at Buckingham Fountain a squirrel passed in front of our stroller and Brent and I both pointed at it like Lilli would've done when we saw a little arm point at it, too! I guess at some point on the walk she had woken up.
Buckingham Fountain.
With the skyline in the background.
Another pretty shot.
We parked the stroller and let Lilli out. This was probably the highlight of her trip - chasing seagulls.
She was running, and running and just chasing every bird there.
No bird was safe....
When she'd chase one out of an area she'd point towards other groups and then go after them.
And then, they'd all be cleared out.
So she tried to head through the gates around the fountain to where they'd all taken sanctuary. These gates are NOT toddler proof!
Lilli and I in front of the fountain.

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