Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicago: Day 3, Part 1 Field Museum

Monday morning dawned BRIGHT and early. Lilli woke up at 5 am (UGH!) so we put her in bed with us and slept with various elbows and feet in our face until around 7 when we got dressed and headed out to our neighborhood Starbucks. Here's the view from our floor by the elevators, a really nice view of Navy Pier and the Lake.After Starbucks we hopped on the bus to the Field Museum. Riding the bus isn't my favorite (versus trains) but they were closer to our hotel and got us there more directly. We actually took this bus to the steps of the Field Museum.
We REALLY had great timing on this trip! The Field museum had one of it's Free Days on the Monday we were there, so we were able to visit most of the museum for free. And it's so large that we didn't care about paying extra to see a few more exhibits.
This trip really made us appreciate handicapped people! There were a lot of times we ended up just taking Lilli out of the stroller and toting it up stairs because we couldn't figure out where the handicap access was.
We've visited the Field Museum on a previous trip to Chicago and we knew Lilli would love the big prehistoric models. As soon as she saw the big elephant thing she started "being" an elephant.
And here's Sue, the big T-Rex. Everything is real except the head, which is in a case on the second floor. The actual head weighs 600 pounds, so they built a replica for the display.
Sue is celebrating her 10th anniversary at the museum so they have all kinds of special dinosaur stuff going on.
The museum is full of stuffed, dead animals. Lilli loved it. I thought it got kind of creepy. I mean there are a TON of then. Pretty much every species and every country is represented here.
And there's a few bronze ones in there, too!

She loved the zebras, they're one of her favorite animals right now.We roared at the tigers and showed them our teeth.
After we walked around some exhibits on the first floor we went down to the special Kids area. It was really cool, with all kinds of things just for kids. Her favorite was (of course!!) the table with all the animals to play with. She could have played there all day!
They had a little music room with all kinds of instruments for the kids to play.
And they had these little pueblos with corn you could pick and carry around in baskets and then cook it in the little indian kitchen. They also had a little arts area where you could make crafts, a science area with microscopes, and a little dinosaur area with eggs and all kinds of little dinosaur stuff.
It was around lunch by this time and we were headed to the McDs in the building when this old guy who was part of a large tour group saw Lilli and was trying to talk to her and asked her if he could hold her. I think that's REALLY odd in today's day and age - you just can't do stuff like that. So I told her to ask him "how do you do" so she'd stick her hand out and shake his. This guy seemed really nice, and there's no doubt we could've taken him down, but it's still just not something you can do today. He was pretty tickled that she would shake his hand, and I'm sure it made his day and it got his little group all cracked up. If he was single I'm sure it got him points with the older ladies in the group.
She was thrilled with her McDonalds Happy Meal!
And made herself quite at home in what has to be the world's oldest highchair.
Very shortly after lunch she fell asleep just as we got to more of the dinosaur replicas!! She would've loved them!!
Lilli and I with a big dino!
And asleep before we left the museum....
Asleep outside the Field Museum....
A great little family photo.
Brent and I were taking some photos of ourselves and didn't notice we accidentally had Lilli in the picture, a little! HA!

It looks like we've totally lost the ability to take good family pictures anymore!

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