Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to Date!

Vacation posts take me forever, there's always so many pictures and so many things we do! I think we took about 800-1,200 pictures per day on that little 3.5 day trip! A friend was whining about having 100 pictures to go through after their 7 day beach vacation, HA!

There's been a ton going on since we've been back - from trips to the fair and birthday parties, library story time and even an art show! My little camera died and Brent already surprised me with a new one! The lens started going bad and showing a big dark spot on all my pics during our Chicago trip, and then it completely died during Library story time last Thurs night. Brent had already bought me a new one for my b-day and went ahead and gave it to me. A lot of these pics are from it! It's the same version of my old one, just the latest Canon version.

Lilli and I have been working on her letters - she's getting pretty good with A!She loves to write and write, and anytime she's writing with pens or anything she starts saying little bits of the alphabet. She loves these little window markers. We spent a long time Sat morning drawing on the front door and then erasing it and starting over again.

Pippin is up to the usual. Pretty much just living the life.
We met a new friend, Mr Inchworm.
We have the best time when Daddy pushes on the tricycle and takes us for a wild road. (And yes, her bunny is wearing a swim diaper. All our dolls/animals have diapers on at all times. And it does create a lot of stares when we go out in public.)
This morning Brent was going to change Lilli into her play clothes and I told him to take her outside and snap some pics. He said "But she's eating an apple, with apple all over her, and she's marked all over her arms with pen." Well, that's Lilli today so we should get it on "film"! She always ends up with pen all over here at the grocery store when she steals my pen. And she loves apples, so every week she grabs one out of the bag as we're putting everything up! She makes the biggest mess of it and takes all these little bites out of it all over.
This one cracks me up - totally her little personality. Just charging around the yard at full speed.
She was yelling for Pippin. She copies us in everything we do, so she'll walk around calling Pippin the same way I do when I'm trying to get him in from outside, or calling him to come eat, etc.
Another classic family photo. No one but me will ever look at the camera....
Much better! Although it would have been appreciated if Pippin would've turned around for the shot!
So that's the everyday update!!!!

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