Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid Week Updates

The new deck is coming right along. Brent has only a couple of hours to work each night but really gets a lot done. Here's how it looked at the end of the night yesterday, so it's changed a little since then:The temp stairs he had installed last summer are gone now and we're down to just the stairs on the left hand side of the deck. The last of the remaining shrubs and rose bushes have also been dug up and removed and all that awful looking lattice is gone.
Last night there was a great breeze and we had made a quick dinner so we had lots of time to play before bedtime. Lilli and I went across the street to play at the school's playground. They haven't done a bit of maintenance all summer and have only mowed the school ONCE all summer long. I'm not sure if this is all budget cuts or what, but with school starting in just a couple of weeks at some point someone is going to have a lot of work to do. We usually go over there once or twice a week, and luckily the slides aren't affected and one of the baby swings is still fine. The grass has completely grown up taller than the bottom of the park bench!
Lilli is kind of on a baby doll kick right now, but not in the sweet, loving way. She wanted to bring it over to the playground last night and took it everywhere she went. She'd have me tuck it into the swing with her.....
And then promptly fling it on the ground and laugh hysterically.
Tomorrow is both of our "Fridays"! Lilli's school is closed on Friday for in-service, so I'm using my comp day from the trip last week to hang with her and Brent's taking off to work on the deck. We should make a big showing on the deck this weekend!

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