Thursday, October 22, 2009

WV/VA Vacation: Day 3/4 - The GreenBrier

For our "nice" night of our vacation I really wanted to stay somewhere luxurious in the mountains and The Greenbrier TOTALLY fit the bill! It's been around in various shapes and forms since the late 1700's, and tons of famous people and past presidents have stayed there. At times it was used as a hospital during the Civil War, and there's just tons of history behind it.

In one of the lobbies:
There's just something fabulous about driving up and having someone totally take care of anything you might want or need for the next 24 hours. We highly considered calling the concierge to come up for diaper changes. Every part of check in was fabulous! I had reserved an upgraded room and it did not disappoint.......

Any place with a separate shower/tub gets my thumbs up. Lilli took her first ever TRUE tubby in their huge tub. We still use the baby tub at home because it's just easier and she still fits... And the bathroom was so nice that Brent and I actually ate dessert on it later that night. Lilli kept waking up from her sleep, so we just went in there and shut the door to enjoy dessert without disturbing her. That's how you KNOW a bathroom is nice!Our room was nice and HUGE! Finally lots of room for Lilli to crawl around and play....

It was one of these corner rooms on the outset, I think the second row, left corner.
Hip Hip Hooray for Luxury!!!!
She instantly loved her crib and it was BEAUTIFUL! Sterling silver and it even had the bumper pads and this soft little hand knit afghan.
The ground were beautiful and as soon as the bellman brought our GOBS of luggage up and we fed Lilli, we headed out for a walk to enjoy the sunset and take some pics.

We were actually sitting in the gazebo where the natural "spring" comes from. I thought it would be cute to get some pics of her with the big pretty columns, but she pretty much just wanted to see what they tasted like...
Beautiful sunset....
The resort at sunset...

Brent knows on every trip we're going to end up with room service at some point. I just love it and can't resist! And, all the restaurants onsite were pretty fancy and we just weren't in the mood to try to wrangle Lilli through an upscale dinner anyway (and we didn't have a jacket for Brent). You know a place is awesome when you ask if you can substitute something for one of the sides and they just say "Sure, what do you want?" "Well, what do you have?" "Whatever you want." Nice. They also deliver ice to all the rooms at 5 oclock every day. And of course chocolates on the pillows and robes.... It was just fabulous.

We didn't make it to swim in the indoor pool before it closed at 7 pm, so that was first on our agenda the following morning. Their pool was HUGE! So nice, and even with a lifeguard on duty.
I forget what year the pool was built, but I believe it was the 1940s. Can you imagine such a nice, huge pool back then and what a luxury it would've been??? I think it was a 25 meter pool, it seems about as long as the one we swim laps in here.
Afterwards we grabbed some breakfast from the inhouse coffee shop, got all cleaned up, napped up and packed up. We enjoyed ourselves until the actual noon check-out time, there was no reason to leave too soon! As we were leaving, Brent's nice camera suddenly quit working (but was fixed by taking the battery out and then back in) and I managed to lose my digital camera when I stopped to put one of Lilli's shoes back on. We just happened to be at check out when someone turned it in and I realized it was gone. Talk about luck! We headed out on the grounds to do some formal leaves pictures and just about managed to lose Lilli's favorite stuffed animal. At the rate we were going I'm shocked we didn't lose her at some point!

Cool chairs in a sitting area:
When we finally did leave the valets loaded up our car with bottled waters (nice touch) and loaded our cars up with our tons of luggage once again. We But, we were headed off to more adventures at the Lost World Caves and the Apple Orchard!

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