Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit with the Grandparents

Here's some pics from this weekend's visit with my parents.....

Everyone playing together after Brent and I got back in from dinner at Valentinos. It looks like the grandparents survived some babysitting and Pippin is especially glad for some extra attention!
Someone's sleepy....(but I don't think it's Lilli)

She was having so much fun playing we let her stay up a bit past her bedtime, but when she had her bottle she was O_U_T.

And I mean OUUUUT.
Enjoying some Wii with Daddy and Granddaddy.....I think there are some other pictures on Brent's camera of my cake, etc.

And a cute one from this afternoon....she really likes helping me "put up the groceries". So I gave her this box of rice cakes to play with while I put everything up. It looks HUGE compared to her but it's really a pretty small box!I did get my entire pantry cleaned out and reorganized this afternoon. Something I have bought recently resulted in me having an awful problem with grain pests. In my nearly 11 years of housekeeping I've never had something like this and they are just AWFUL. They've ruined several things of rice, grits, oats, bread crumbs and several other grains. I cleaned out everything today, tossed out a lot of old stuff as well, and just reorganized all our food. Hopefully I've gotten them all, but they're such small pests that I doubt it. Between the possum under the house from this summer, the mouse who was eating all our chocolate (so bizarre), and the cat who wants to live at our house we've had it with uninvited animals taking up residence here this year!

Have a great Monday!

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