Thursday, October 8, 2009

Virginia! State #42, Day 1

We made it to Virginia! The drive up was actually much better than I anticipated. Lilli has come a LONG way from the kid who used to scream bloody murder nonstop in the car. I worked a half a day, and Brent dropped her off at my office around 9:45 so he could drop Pippin off at the kennel. Pippin was very excited for a little vacation time for himself....

Everyone at work was really excited to see Lilli, she hasn't been up there since I came back at the beginning of May so she has changed a LOT! They see tons of video and pics, but it's not the same as the real thing! She showed off her mad crawling skillz and was passed around. As soon as my boss walked up she stretched out her arms to go to him so I've prepped her well on who to kiss up to! She never made a peep while she was there, and when 10:30 struck I had to pry her away so we could start our vacay. We managed to time it perfectly to when she'd want a nap, so instead of stopping for lunch we drove while she napped until around Crossville. We stopped at a Hardees and all had a bite to eat.

I am already loving the portable high chair we bought from one of Brent's coworkers. This place was nasty and there's no way I would've used theirs. We had to change her diaper in the backseat of the car as they had no changing stations and I'm pretty sure their bathroom has never, ever been cleaned. After lunch she played with toys for a while and then took another nap until just past Knoxville when she wanted a bottle. Ironically we stopped at another Hardees in Morristown and I fed her while Brent filled the car up with gas. She was not excited about getting back in the car, so I rode in the back with her this time and we played with toys and listened to some of her CDs. She was really good until around the last 15 minutes, and by then we were ALL sick of the car! We found our Marriott in Bristol and got all settled in.

In Virginia!
She was ready to stretch her legs and crawl around!!!
Trying on a hand-me-down hat from Cousin Madison in case the caves are cold tomorrow!
This exit is full of chain restaurants that were PACKED, so we walked down to a little Mexican restaurant that was pretty good and not busy. I've forgotten how spoiled we are with completely smoke free restaurants! After dinner we walked back and went down to the pool to relax a little before bed.
She owned the pool in her little bikini....
After her swim Lilli was beat and fell asleep right after her bedtime bottle, thankfully! With no glider and all the comforts of home, I'm hoping every night she'll be as ready for bedtime as she was tonight. It's certainly a different experience sharing a room with her and needing to be a little quiet after 8:30! And right now both she AND Brent are snoring LOUDLY so I guess I should get some sleep too!On top tomorrow are the Bristol Caverns and the Fort Chiswell Animal Park before ending the day in Lexington, VA!

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  1. I hope yall are having fun on vacation!! I am looking forward to more pics and blogging about your adventures!! See you when you get back! Safe travels!!