Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Pics

We've had a great weekend full of activities (unfortunately not full of cleaning our house which is a mess!), and lots of fun. We even made it to a pumpkin patch today which was INSANELY crowded since it's the first non-rain day of the fall! Brent took some great pics of Lilli in the pumpkins for me to sort through, but for now here's a few of the nice portraits he did of Lilli on our vacation last week! We made the time to get them printed Friday night so we have some updated ones to send out in cards to people, finally! The last pics we've had printed were her 6 months ones, and that's ages and ages ago!

Why are my parents throwing leaves at me? What have I done to them? Oh yeah, maybe it's because I've been waking them up a million times a night for the last 8.5 months.

Sweet Lilli.
Baby and Baby Momma
My favorite. Sheer joy at the leaves! She was squealing with joy as I threw leaves on her!
In the apple orchard. Apples are the perfect size for trying to fit in our mouths!!!
Inspecting the basket of yummy apples....
Lilli just being Lilli.
Little Baby, Big Chair!

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