Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it back to Nashville around 2:45 today, and got home a little after 3 since we decided to go ahead and swing by Camp Bow Wow and pick Pippin up on the way home. He is very glad to be home and has been asleep pretty much ever since we got back. And his little vacation lasted long enough that he got a "free" bath, although I'm thinking at the price it costs for us to board him he should be bathed, manicured, toenails painted, a bow in his hair and have learned a foreign language and how to cook while we were gone. But they said he had a great time and there were several other energetic Bostons there that he enjoyed playing with. (Sadly we only checked in on him once, poor guy! We used to log into their webcams multiple times a day while we traveled, but we know he's in good hands!)

It's nice to be home and have a little space! Your home always feels much bigger after you've been living in hotel rooms and it REALLY feels bigger once you've been living in hotel rooms with a baby. There's stacks of laundry to be done after work tomorrow that I really don't look forward to, but other than that everything is unpacked and put away. This morning we drove around Lexington, KY for a little while and then toured the campus of the University of Kentucky before heading back to Nashville. I've got tons of pics to sort through before doing more detailed stuff on our vacation. Most days we took about 1,500 pictures per day, so there's a lot of narrowing down to do to pick the best ones. All in all, we drove about 1,200 miles on this vacation. We're still amazed how well Lilli did in the car and in the various things we toured, especially since we did about 5 guided group tours and thankfully she didn't really interrupt any of the tours for more than just a brief minute or two. We actually got quite a few compliments from various strangers on how well she did, which is always very nice! For her good behavior she has a cute new stuffed moose to carry around and slobber on.

On our trip Brent did two photoshoots with Lilli. I need to really sort through them and pick my faves, but here's a couple of cute ones from the apple orchard we visited in Sinks Grove, WV.

The far off shot with my basket:The close up (she loved playing with the apples!)

And the sweet "action" shot. She was actually going for leaves. And I think her outfit just makes the pictures! (although she was not happy about the mid-day wardrobe change, but I brought that outfit just for this activity!)
The other photoshoot was on the grounds of the resort we stayed at in White Sulphur Springs, WV (the Greenbrier.) Brent got some really, really cute pics of her in the leaves! I'll share some of those later when I start sorting through all the vacation pics. But now it's time to enjoy some of the apples we brought back. They had so many varieties we've never heard of, but we don't have a CLUE what types they all are now! It's a lot harder without all those little stickers on them!

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