Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Ready!

We're getting ready to leave for vacation! I have rooms booked for our first 3 nights and will finish the rest tomorrow. On every vacation we spend at least one night in uber luxury, and for this trip that night will be Saturday night! We're staying in an upgraded room at The Greenbrier. It looks amazing and I can't wait! It will certainly be interesting traveling with Lilli, and hopefully I've done a good job dialing down some of the things/number of places we would've normally tried to visit. No 27 straight hours of being awake on this one like we did in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago trying to make numerous stops!

To add to the excitement, I've been having trouble with my allergies for about a week and a half now, so today I ran into a walk in clinic at lunch and got some allergy meds. Tonight we noticed the buds for Lilli's top teeth, and she has been extra drooly and whiny, so that should be loads of fun! We did practice more tonight walking around with her in the backpack since we plan on doing some spelunking and hiking. So far she loves it and thinks it's hilarious to grab Daddy's hair from behind. I thought it was pretty hilarious watching them walk around in the dark tonight under the large tree in our front yard, out of the rain, "practicing".

A couple of pics, as I'm pretty sure the Benadryl that doc has me taking is kicking in and I'm about to be out!

Lilli and Cleo yesterday morning. Right before the pic was taken Lilli graciously handed Cleo a ball and then took her pacifier.
She loves the ball pit. Friday I had to sign Accident Report #5 (I think, but I have lost count) because she fell out of the ball pit and scraped her eye.
Happy girl! Currently teething on anything and everything.
Standing (unassisted) continues to get better and better, and she's learning how to fall and brace herself. She surprised her Sunday School teacher with this new skill last week, we forgot to tell her, oops! She'll still go about 30 seconds without holding onto anything right now. I don't think we have any pics of her standing since we usually have hands out to grab her if we need to!Have a great night!

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