Friday, May 15, 2009

Two and a Highchair, Please!

It's pretty much always been our tradition to eat out somewhere on Friday nights, kind of a treat for surviving the week and a nice time to catch up on our daily going-ons. While I was home we didn't eat out many Friday nights, sometimes Brent would get take out, or since I was home I would just go ahead and cook. (BTW, I was quite the little June Cleaver - I think there were only one or two days where I was so frazzled I didn't have dinner waiting on Brent when he walked in the door!) And, since I wasn't paid for part of the time I was off it was nice to save some money, too!

But, all former bets are off now and we are back to Friday nights out! Lilli is pretty portable, and the fear of public meltdowns hasn't kept us locked up for a second. They're going to happen, and at least right now she's young enough and cute enough that no one is really going to think we're awful. When she's two and laying down in the middle of the dirty mall having a tantrum will be a totally different situation.....

Last week we went to our fave Indian restaurant in Hillsboro Village to celebrate Brent's big Biggest Loser win! Indian is our FAVORITE! It's also the restaurant Lilli has been to the most. Hopefully by exposing her to lots of different foods she will not be a picky eater. I'll die if chicken nuggets are the only thing she'll eat one day. The first time she was there was Valentines Day - what a difference a couple of months make! So tiny!!!! She totally fills out her car seat now...and I doubt she could even wear that dress! Anyway, she slept through most of the meal and when she was awake she just took in the restaurant noise and ethnic music. We left fat and happy, I think we could eat Indian EVERY DAY!

Mmmm.......Garlic Naan:Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells at Cuisine of India, along with her piggy lovie:Tonight we went to Neely's BBQ in Metrocenter. We canceled cable a couple of weeks ago, and I honestly haven't missed it for a second except for FoodTv. There really wasn't anything I watched on there, but it's nice TV filler if you ever have a couple of minutes to just waste. We really liked watched the Neely's show, esp since they're from Memphis, and someone at Brent's work mentioned there was one here so we figured we'd try it! I got smoked turkey and Brent got ribs. Next time I will totally get the ribs!! My turkey was good, but Brent's was awesome. They have lots of windows and also an outdoor patio overlooking the lake, so we got to enjoy watching the lightning show tonight as storms passed through the city. Lilli was awake when we got there, chatty and happy, and drifted off to the sounds of the restaurant while we ate. We may have to start eating out all meals since she allows us to eat more out in public than at home!Sound asleep with her bunny and lamb lovies....she loves her lovies....Hopefully she'll sleep as well tonight as she did last Friday night. One of my greatest worries is that she'll start waking up at 6 am on weekends, since that's what time we get her up M-F. Gag. Last Friday night she slept from 8:30 pm until 9:45 am when we had to wake her up to load up and go visit Brent's family, so she proved us wrong and exceeded her longest sleep by nearly two hours. Maybe tomorrow will be a repeat of last week, or at least she won't wake up until 7:30 or 8! Last Sunday she slept until 8 am, so we went to class and second service. We won't be doing that again for a WHILE! She was awful the whole morning on that routine, so we'll be headed back to early + class this Sunday. Even getting up for early service gives me about an extra hour and a half of sleep versus the weekday routine, and I will take that versus the awfulness of a fussy, sleepy baby at later service.

Have a great weekend!

Someone found the faucet handle during bath time this week:
Reading time in the Bumbo....What size hat does Lilli wear? Oh, I dunno, a size 2 Tupperware.

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