Thursday, May 14, 2009

How We Roll...

Since going back to work, mornings have become quite the sprint! I guess it's a good thing I'm a runner (and getting faster every day during my lunchtime runs!!!)

Every night we lay out an insane amount of stuff for the following morning. Since I have to leave at 6:15 to be at work by 6:30 the more I can do the night before THE BETTER!
I've got my gym bag, diaper bag/purse/carry on luggage, breakfast, lunch, my reusable shopping bag for running downtown shopping errands like picking up fresh bread or dropping off library books, our travel mugs for MUCH needed coffee and Lilli's bottles for the next day along with her lovie. Whew. Our kitchen island is full every night of the stuff needed to get us out the door the next day, and when I get home in the afternoon I've got ALL that stuff, plus whatever samples people send home with me from work!

I've always got room for cute samples like this in my bag, who wouldn't???
So far so good on working the earlier hours, and it really is nice to be back at work. Lilli is doing great at daycare. She's very smiley and giggly with her teachers and they are all just SO cute together. Right now there's 6 kids in her class (the max is 8). This afternoon when I arrived to pick her up she was out in the 4-baby stroller (2 in front, 2 in back) walking the grounds, and all 4 kiddos were sound asleep, heads konked to the side. It was SO cute, I wish I had my camera with me! She takes good naps at daycare, eats well, and comes home in a good mood. Her daily report is usually marked for happy, content, cuddly and playful as her "attitudes". And apparently she's a good burper - Miss Violet was telling another parent this morning (who apparently does not have a good burper).

I usually get Lilli around 3:45-3:50 and we're home by 4:15. The ride home will speed up once school is out, there's an irritatingly slow school zone in our neighborhood that lasts until 4:30. The kids hang out and play while I cook dinner:
And then they love to have some momma time after we eat:
We have our evening play.....And we end the day (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) with tubby time - which Lilli is now loving!! It's hard to believe she used to scream and scream and scream during baths! Now she loves it and kicks and plays....And we practice our Elvis lip....Then it's time for one last bottle, and off to bed to do it all over again the next day. Speaking of, it's time for me to load the countertops with all of tomorrow's gear! It may take a village to raise a child but it takes an SUV to get all our stuff around every day!

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