Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Yesterday was Brent's birthday so this week has been declared "Daddy Week".In honor of Daddy Week, Lilli has worn a different Daddy themed outfit every day this week. Luckily she has a TON of clothes so it's been really easy! Monday was "Daddy thinks I'm Sweeter than Sugar", Tuesday was the simple "I Love Daddy" and today was a different I Love Daddy where the heart is a button. Tomorrow is "Apple of Daddy's Eye" and Friday will be another I Love Daddy outfit. I haven't even had to break into her long sleeve assortment of Daddy themed stuff.

Her teachers have greatly enjoyed seeing what she'll be wearing each day, and even got to help with some of the surprises. Brent can leave me surprise presents by leaving them in her carseat at school so I'm surprised with a gift in the afternoon. For me it's a little harder since he has drop off duties in the morning. Tuesday morning I hid a batch of brownies in her carseat underneath her lovies for him to share with his coworkers, and Tuesday afternoon I left a wrapped picture frame in Lilli's bottle bin in the fridge at school so he'd be surprised Wednesday morning with one more present! I did make sure to tell her teachers so they wouldn't wonder what in the world we were doing!
I cooked a big Italian feast for us Tuesday night, and of course there were presents and cake after Lilli went to bed. The surprises aren't done....I still have a couple of things up my sleeve for this week to talk about later! Since we normally take a fun and exciting trip this year I figured I would drag it out a little instead. I did find some Wisconsin cheese for Brent for his birthday to remind us of last year's awesome birthday trip (which technically was Lilli's first vacation with us, except we didn't know she was already with us!)She is still loving her Exersaucer:
Thankfully it's a great place for her to hang out while I cook dinner!

This week she has really discovered her feet (big time) and also started REALLY chattering and singing. A Lot. Today her "daily report card" had 'babbling' checked. I think that's code for "your kid talks a lot!" LOL. When I picked her up they said she'd been chattering away all day, and that really continued into tonight. She and I had about a 30 minute conversation while I was doing dishes.

Time to do some work on these abs and head to bed! 4:58 am comes WAY too early, thank heavens for coffee!!!

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