Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 for 4

Allergies are running rampant in our house right now. Brent started feeling bad the first part of last week, and pretty much lost his voice Saturday. Lilli has been waking up congested, no fever or runny nose, just very congested. Sunday was her worst day, she was so stopped up at church Sunday morning we left after church since we didn't want to take her to her Sunday school class feeling so bad. Pippin's been wheezing all weekend....and now it's my turn. Scratchy throat last night and sneezing ALL day at work. Yipppeee! Thankfully Brent picked up some more Mucinex today and chicken fried rice for dinner. Some people want chicken noodle soup to feel better, but not me!

Too much time in the yard for all of us last weekend....but we got SO much done!
And now I think I need a little nap before my head explodes....spreadsheets and sinus problems don't mix. Maybe Lilli will let me borrow one of her 500 lovies???I was going to upload a cute video of Brent and Lilli playing but Blogger's not cooperating. And I still need to upload all the fun pics from our date night but some other time when I feel better!!!!! And it's time to put up a 4 month pic of Lilli and compare it to her birthday, 1, 2, & 3 month pics!

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  1. Aww...hopefully you guys are feeling a better soon. I still can't get over how absolutely adorable she is!