Monday, October 25, 2010

Vacation Day 5: Fort Worth!

We spent Wednesday of our vacation in Fort Worth all day. The ghetto fabulous place we had stayed the night before didn't offer breakfast, but there was an IHOP across the street and we were ALL happy not to have waffles in the shape of Texas for a day. Lilli wolfed down her breakfast (pancakes, eggs and bacon). Obviously I ordered something not even remotely healthy (Nutella and fruit crepes. At least it had fruit....)It worked out fine because the Fort Worth Zoo didn't open until 10 am (really late if you ask me!) And we struck it rich - Wednesdays were half price days so it was only $12 for the 3 of us to visit the zoo! According to my guide books it's one of the top zoos in the country, and it really was nice. They had lots of monkeys which is always a crowd pleaser for our family.
They also had a really cool aviary where you could go in and be really close to parrots and other little tropical birds. For $1 you could buy a little stick with food on it and they would land on you, but they'd still come really close without the sticks.
Lilli loves birds and was all about the bird room....
She kept her little arm out the whole time she and Brent were in there but none ever landed on her.
Chilling with Daddy at the zoo!
Making friends with an alligator
Someone figured out how good Momma's Icee was so now I have yet another person to share it with......
From there we headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards. It's a historic cattle area where cattle are still driven each morning and afternoon down the road, and there's lots of little Western shops and things about cowboys/cowgirls.
They have all these little mechanical horses and rides all over the place. Most of them are still just .25, so it's not too bad of a rip off. And with them EVERYWHERE it's kind of hard not to give into the whining to ride one!
We ate lunch at a little BBQ joint, and then she wanted to ride this little horse and wagon that Brent could also fit in. It looks like one person is having a great time and one is about to lose his lunch.
Running through the old Stockyards.
Trying on little Texas hats....

I think the hat looks best on Lilli!
They have cowboys riding around all day talking to the tourists and this guy came over and let Lilli pet his horse, she was in heaven.
It was SO hot and we had time to kill before the cattle drive, so we went over in the shade and watched the cattle for a few minutes. It was nearly 90 degrees.
At 4 sharp the cattle come down the street. People go crazy and have to be asked to move back onto the sidewalks.
There they came, and just as quickly they're gone.
From there we left Fort Worth and drove a couple of hours south to Glen Rose, TX. Lilli napped along the way but was still so tired that night. This town was pretty small and there really weren't many places to eat, so we just got Sonic and headed back to our room. She had fallen asleep while we were waiting for our food and the poor thing stayed asleep all the way back to our room and even after we had all our food set out.

We did wake her up so she could eat though!! And a few sips of Cherry Limeade certainly helped her find her second wind.

Up Next - Dinosaurs and Safari Parks!

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