Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Baking 2010

Tonight we rolled up our sleeves and made our annual batch of Halloween sugar cookies. Lilli did help me last year, but she for sure enjoyed it a lot more this year!

Of course Pippin was on hand to help with clean up! He also helped me last night when I made the dough. Tonight all we had to do was roll it out and decorate.She loves to help in the kitchen and a lot of times when I'm cooking dinner she's up on a chair watching. And she's helped me make my "famous" sugar cookies enough that she knew just what to do and pitched right in.

She loves using my little roller.....
And then came sprinkles time! My dough recipe makes enough for about 3 trays of cookies (we like them kind of thick) so I gave her one entire tray to do with whatever she pleased. And she pleased a ton of sprinkles.
She pressed them in and would squish them all around.
And then she caught me eating one of her stray sprinkles....

And she became the little sprinkle monster!

She was running all around the kitchen eating sprinkles and then just started dancing. I guess the sugar got to her! And the sandals - those were her pick around the house tonight. She is VERY particular about her shoes and what she does and doesn't want to wear. VERY particular.
Lilli's finished goodies:
Mine were a little more refined.....
And of course we had to have a sample before bedtime tonight. Even with all that sugar she still went right to sleep, whew!

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