Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vacation Day 3, Part 1: World's Richest Acre!

We had another waffle breakfast (ick) and then headed on our way. Have I mentioned Lilli loves hotel rooms? This one was just perfect - a whole little station of things to touch. A microwave, safe, fridge and cabinet, all perfect height for touching and opening over and over and over.From our spot in LA we headed West and back into Texas. This particular day was pretty heavy in driving and we didn't see a ton that day.
Our morning stop was in Kilgore, TX. Home of the World's Richest Acre.
This little town was once a huge boom and they literally razed the town and put a TON of oil rigs in a small area. It's since dried up, but they have some replicas off their town square to mark the history there.

At Christmas they light them up, and none of them are working anymore.
Looking pretty in pink!

So small compared to the big oil things!
You can see them over the back of the downtown square buildings.
We walked around their downtown looking for somewhere cute to eat, but nothing much was open. This town is a pretty dead one...but we did find a burger joint called The Back Porch and that really was where the local were eating. I think I threw them off when I ordered their tacos, but this is Texas and I wanted some Mexican. The lesson there was never order tacos in a burger joint, when EVERYONE else has burgers! Lilli's baby doll enjoyed some of my chips....
From there we headed on to Dallas! Cue the theme music!

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