Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vacation Day 2, Part 1: Louisiana!

We actually had GREAT sleep the whole trip. Lilli slept like a dream, which was awesome since we never stayed in the same place twice and some rooms were large and others tiny so her Pack n Play was in all kinds of places!

On our first vacation day we thought the Texas shaped waffles were pretty much awesome. Every day after that waffles were about the only edible thing on the free breakfast "buffets" and I'll be just fine if I don't have another waffle for a while.This was near the Louisiana border. Texas is just enormous. I can't imagine there are too many other states that have exit #s that creep up to nearly 900!
Welcome to Louisiana!!!
Lilli missed it, but that's ok!
As we headed further into LA the landscape changed into the typical marshy/swampy landscape you'd imagine.
Brent was in love with this - a trailer up on stilts. I don't think that necessarily makes it any safer.....
Pretty marshlands....
Our first stop in LA was at the Sabine Wildlife Refuge where there were a few walking trails. This was a "bird watching" trail that went for several miles, we just walked a bit of it.
Often the best way to keep Lilli focused on running in the right direction is to run just ahead of her so she'll keep chasing after you!
Poop. Poop is on her mind a lot, and considering this trail was intended to spot all the cool types of birds found in this refuge there was a lot of bird poop on the trail. a LOT. And it just disturbs her and she wanted to stop and point at each and every single dropping.
Like every single one.
Ironically she was quite dirty herself after this hike.

We didn't see much on that trail besides several interesting birds and quite a few little crab claws with no crabs attached anymore. Our next stop in the refuge was at Alligator Alley - where we were able to see a REAL alligator out in the wild!!!

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