Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story Time!

Tonight we finally made it back to the monthly storytime at our neighborhood library. We went in February, and then back in November. (Man, Lilli has grown so much since February and especially since November!)

Once again there really weren't a lot of kids there. It's so hard for us to remember, but I really need to start putting it on my calendar. Mr. Andrew did mention they may be adding a couple more evening storytimes per month which I would LOVE and I think I'd remember it more often if it was every other week.
Mr. Andrew is really pretty funny, and super nice. He started out with a few songs, and then the first story. As SOON as he pulled out the first book Lilli marched right up there and tried to take it from his hands. Literally.
We corralled her back over and she really enjoyed the first book because he had them doing various motions with each page and she loved that. Then we sang a couple more songs and he started the second book. This time her attention was just gone and she was ready to just entertain. She wanted to wander around the room, she wanted to go through my diaper bag, pretty much anything other than just hang out and listen to a story! She literally just marched right on up there and stood up in the front right next to him while he finished the story (which at this point just couldn't come fast enough.....) A little shyness would not be a bad thing!
Finally it was time for the art project and the milk and cookies! We made little trees that went along with the first story. Of course she loved the cookies!
Little stinker:
Afterwards we went over to the children's area and let her pick out a few new books. I'd just returned quite a few I had gotten for her, so this will be a nice little addition and some fresh reads for her.

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