Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Guest

Today I had a special visitor at work:(And yes - our office complex is as huge as it looks! This is just inside the main lobby.)
Since Lil had a day off between her old and new schools she got to come up and visit Momma for a little while. She was the "hit" of the office (because really, anything that distracts from work is always a hit!). And the good thing about working in retail-behind-the-scenes is all the product samples around. She came away with two stuffed owls, one stuffed envelope, a book, one light up Jesus pen on a necklace, a jar of VBS stickers and some religious Silly Bands. And that was pretty much all Brent could carry!
I think her favorite thing was just playing at my desk with my computer. And yes, it's an absolute mess! I had actually cleaned it up earlier this week but we've had several presentations and it just all piled back up. Her favorite things are pens, paper and computers. And she knows you need the mouse to drive it.
I didn't need all those silly Harvest projections I was working on!

It wasn't all work for Lilli on her day off though! She did get to go to the park (I wish I could have!) It's crazy that she's big enough now to completely go up and down these smaller toddler playgrounds all on her own with no help.
And of course our little daredevil monkey prefers to go down on her stomach!
A fun Friday - well, for the ones with the day off!!!

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