Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun with Friends

Last weekend was mostly a pretty fun weekend. Except for this:
Friday morning when I left for work I couldn't get my car to shift out of Park. Since shifting out of Park is pretty key to driving I had a rather large problem. I leave a few minutes before Brent, and he came out and tried, but the dumb shifter wouldn't move and a quick visit to Google revealed it was likely a little plastic piece in there had broken causing it to no longer be able to move. He gave me a lift to and from work (not a big deal since Lilli's daycare is two blocks from my office) and then spent a good part of Saturday (off and on) fixing it himself. A few handy tips off the Internet and some common sense smarts on cars saved us approximately $700 in car shop repairs and literally cost us zero dollars. Of course we would have rather spent Saturday doing fun things instead!!

We had a rainy, dreary morning so Lilli and I stayed pretty pajama clad and made a Mexican Chocolate Cake to take over to Adam and Julia's new house for dinner that night. It's one of my favorite cakes to make (and eat!) It's the traditional "old-timey" chocolate cake with hit of cayenne pepper and Cinnamon to make it spicy. Miraculously it turned out good even though I ended up having to make my own buttermilk, was a little short on flour, and I'm not entirely sure how much extra sugar ended up in the cake courtesy of my assistant. Her finishing touch was being allowed to put some of her princess sprinkles on one small end of the cake.Lilli was super excited to see her little buddy Ella Kate "Roses". It's hard to believe how much she's grown since they first met!! I think she always likes to think of her as being "little", but I explained to her over the last couple of months since they've gotten to hang out that she's a lot bigger and can run now and Lilli was excited that she could play with toys now. HA!The girls had a great time running around and playing and of course the adults had a great dinner and a lot of fun catching up and checking out their new house!! It really makes me want something new, too!!
Of course posing for a picture together went about as well as it always does - which is not good!!Still cute pictures to accumulate for their big graduation albums one day, ha!!!

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