Thursday, September 6, 2012

The rest of the pics...

Brent took several other great pics yesterday for the big "gender announcement". Of course it would have been nice if he had been in one or two, but it was blazing hot, we were pouring sweat, tired, and Lilli just wanted to go see the ducks. But we did get several sweet ones of her and I.This was when she was chanting "No boys, No boys, only girlies! And Daddy." I think she's pretty happy with an all girlie household.
We did our maternity pictures here a few years ago, in the fall. Hard to believe this little secret spot is less than a mile from downtown and the Titans stadium, huh?
The pink balloons turned out so cute! It's pretty much mandatory to come out with some clever way to announce gender these days. If I see one more picture on blogs or Pinterest of people opening a giant box with balloons flying out I'm pretty sure I'll gag. We just keep it simple with a pretty setting and pink balloons. And a cute 3 year old helped!!
She does not have a head injury. She bumped into our table Sunday night and needed a Band-Aid. There's no bump, cut, or bruise there. This is just one that helps her feel better emotionally and even though she's had multiple baths it's still on there.
Throwing pink confetti and shouting Sister....
We had no clue, but there's a helium shortage. Normally we have a small tank and make as many balloons as we want, but everyone is out of the tanks, and Party City isn't even taking pre-orders for balloons because they're not even sure when they'll have helium and when they won't. Our person on Wednesday told us that even at these GOP/DEM national conventions they've been using regular balloons instead of helium in all the displays! Now how has that not made the national news???
I'll try and get some actual baby ultrasound pictures scanned in over the weekend. I can already tell this little girl looks different from her big sister. Lilli already had my more pronounced lips in her ultrasound at this stage, and this baby has a profile all her own. I'm sure this is just the first of many differences between the two!

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